Chicago, Illinois Office Space

101 West Grand Ave., 2nd & 3rd Floors, Chicago IL 60654
LocalWorks in Chicago, Illinois has offices to rent, virtual offices, meeting rooms and Google Business addresses. Whether you need a team office for rent, furnished private office space, or a conference room to meet with clients, we provide everything to you with budget and flexibility in mind.

Surrounded by award-winning restaurants and high-end retail, 101 West Grand is a restored Victorian-style building.


  • Spacious, fully furnished private offices
  • Flexible terms from 1-12 months or more
  • Starting at $550/mo
  • Talk to Sales: 888-251-1313 or email us

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Talk to Sales: (888) 251-1313 or email us.

Current availability & floor plan

To reserve one of the offices below, call (888) 251-1313 or email us.

Office # Size (sf) Window
2nd Floor, 204150Y
2nd Floor, 209150Y
2nd Floor, 211150Y
2nd Floor, 213175Y
2nd Floor, 215110Y
2nd Floor, 217130Y
2nd Floor, 220200Y
2nd Floor, 222135Y
2nd Floor, 223225N
2nd Floor, 224135Y
2nd Floor, 225135N
2nd Floor, 227160N
2nd Floor, 229294Y
2nd Floor, 230146N
3rd Floor, 301118Y
3rd Floor, 302167Y
3rd Floor, 303121Y
3rd Floor, 304153N
3rd Floor, 305146Y
3rd Floor, 306127N
3rd Floor, 307145Y
3rd Floor, 308145Y
3rd Floor, 309125N
3rd Floor, 310157Y
3rd Floor, 311149N
3rd Floor, 312146Y
3rd Floor, 313274Y
3rd Floor, 314185Y
3rd Floor, 315191Y
3rd Floor, 316178N
3rd Floor, 317106Y
3rd Floor, 318113Y
3rd Floor, 319125Y
3rd Floor, 320132Y
3rd Floor, 321174Y
3rd Floor, 322211Y
3rd Floor, 324152N
3rd Floor, 325133Y
3rd Floor, 326133Y
3rd Floor, 33396N
3rd Floor, 33496N

How to find this LocalWorks location

101 West Grand Ave., 2nd & 3rd Floors, Chicago IL 60654

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Look for keypad to the right of the entrance door. Enter #200 to call upstairs to be buzzed in. Once inside, take elevator to 2nd floor.

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