Alexandria, Virginia (Shawnee Rd.) Office Space

5290 Shawnee Rd., Suites 103, 200 & 201, Alexandria VA 22312
LocalWorks in Alexandria, Virginia (Shawnee Rd.) has offices to rent, virtual offices, meeting rooms and Google Business addresses. Whether you need a team office for rent, furnished private office space, or a conference room to meet with clients, we provide everything to you with budget and flexibility in mind.

Within a 5 minute drive there are 2 malls, 3 fitness centers, 1 daycare center, 10+ carry-outs, and 30 restaurants.


  • Spacious, fully furnished private offices
  • Flexible terms from 1-12 months or more
  • Starting at $495/mo
  • Talk to Sales: 888-251-1313 or email us

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A professional, Google-verifiable address for your business, mail delivery, and more.

Talk to Sales: (888) 251-1313 or email us.

Current availability & floor plan

To reserve one of the offices below, call (888) 251-1313 or email us.

Office # Size (sf) Window
STE 103 - 372Y
STE 103 - 780Y
STE 103 - 868N
STE 105, 2
Available 05/10/2024
STE 105, 3140Y
STE 105, 4
Available 05/01/2024
STE 105, 5280Y
STE 105, 6
Available 05/10/2024
STE 105, 7145N
Suite 200 - 1104N
Suite 200 - 12175Y
Suite 200 - 13173Y
Suite 200 - 14372Y
Suite 200 - 15175Y
Suite 200 - 16181Y
Suite 200 - 18180Y
Suite 200 - 2170N
Suite 200 - 20177Y
Suite 200 - 21181Y
Suite 200 - 22181Y
Suite 200 - 25194N
Suite 200 - 3168N
Suite 200 - 5108N

How to find this LocalWorks location

5290 Shawnee Rd., Suites 103, 200 & 201, Alexandria VA 22312

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Park in parking lot, enter lobby, take elevator to 2nd floor, exit elevator; to the immediate left is suite #201. To the right, walk down hallway, halfway down hallway on right hand side is suite #200 entrance.

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