Covid has exposed the age-old corporate mantra that employees all need to be captive in one office space. With home offices, CEOs and employees are both seeing the benefit of eliminating needless commutes and also reducing the costs associated with leasing office space.

However, as people become more adapted to the Covid environment not everyone will continue to work from home. Consider that many do not live in a 4,000 square foot home and others want to have the social advantages of a work place.

For employers, there is a larger philosophical question — why sign a long term lease for office space when the business environment is changing so rapidly each year? Let’s take it a step further and consider why companies spend so much time focusing on office space and all the necessary amenities when that is outside their core business.

Companies now can turn to LocalWorks for both dedicated headquarter space as well as individual offices close to each of their employees homes.

How can companies find the right mix? provides two solutions that provide flexibility and cost savings over traditional office space leases:

Concierge — Our space-as-a-service platform is a one stop shop for every company’s office needs. In addition to finding the dedicated space you need based a set of criteria provided by the company (individual offices, desks, reception area, kitchen, geographic location, parking, etc.), LocalWorks also will procure and manage any necessary amenities (internet, coffee, water, utilities, cleaning, furniture, tech, etc.).

Shared Office Space — With 12 locations across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, LocalWorks can offer employees safe, secure, productive and furnished private offices by the month or longer. Locations in Massachusetts include Beverly, Salem, Lawrence (2) and Wellesley. Two New Hampshire spaces in Portsmouth and Rochester and new locations in Alexandria, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland as of November 1, 2020.

If you operate a small company or mid-sized business, contact LocalWorks today for a free consultation based on your company’s current and future office needs.