Hybrid workplaces allow employees to work remotely on some days and work in an office on other days. During the era of COVID-19, it allows companies to reopen their offices without having too many employees in the office at the same time. For employees, it allows them to have a balance of working remotely and working in the company office.

Having a hybrid workplace can be great to avoid feeling like you are entirely stuck at home or entirely stuck in an office. However, it also means that companies will shift to smaller office spaces to scale down the costs of renting or buying an office.

LocalWorks provides a flexible, no-lease option for budget office space that can help hybrid companies reduce their costs while still offering a solution to managing their employees in-person.

Entirely remote workers might not want to work from their home all the time. It can be distracting, especially when you have pets or children in the house. Creating your own hybrid workplace by giving yourself an office space to travel to a few days a week can be a refreshing option to work in a highly productive atmosphere.

Find a Co-Working Space

The best way to find budget office space for your hybrid workplace is by looking into place that office co-working space. In these spaces, remote workers from any company can use a shared public workspace. This space offers the productive community and amenities of a typical office.

Co-working spaces are a great way to reduce costs since the space is shared with others from different companies. As an added bonus, a co-working space can create opportunities for networking, where you will meet like-minded individuals looking for a productive atmosphere just like you.

LocalWorks offers open work areas with 24×7 access, meaning you can enter that productive work atmosphere at any time of the day. It is a great and affordable option that doesn’t force you to sign a lease for use. LocalWorks allows you to pay by month for a budget office space with no commitment. You can choose to work there for one month or one year. It is entirely up to you!

Do Employees Like Having a Hybrid Workplace?

There are plenty of benefits to having a hybrid workplace that make it a great option compared to entirely remote or entirely in-office companies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid workplaces have become the most popular working option and will continue to be the future for workspaces.

But, do employees like having a hybrid workplace? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working both remotely and in an office space:

  • Employees who used to work entirely in-office will feel like the company has given them trust in being able to work remotely on some days of the week.
  • For entirely remote employees, a hybrid workplace gives them a refreshingly productive option to work from. 
  • Hybrid workplaces can help break up the week by allowing employees to travel some days, then save the commute and work remotely on other days.
  • Hybrid workplaces create a sense of freedom in the office. This can reduce underlying stress on employees and lead to higher productivity.

According to Pew Research Center, majority of employees who have worked in-person since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic are worried about their exposure to the virus. A major benefit of having a hybrid workplace during COVID is that employees will feel safer knowing that they can still work from home if they are under the weather. This creates a safer office space for those who do work in-person.

Is a Budget Office Space Worth It?

Companies that work in highly populated areas, such as major cities, might be worried that when they find a budget office space, it will not have all of the amenities that they need.

A budget office space that hosts many companies or employees at the same time reduces costs while still offering all of the amenities of a normal office. LocalWorks provides the following benefits in their budget office space:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi/data
  • Tech
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Food
  • Printers
  • Security
  • 24×7 access

When searching for a budget office space, make sure that they have everything you need to create the same atmosphere as you would have in any other office.

Also, there are options for finding a budget office space that is still in a great location. LocalWorks has budget office space in areas surrounded by restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and salons. Some of their budget office space are close to entertainment areas or the shoreline.

As you search for the right budget office space, make sure that the location works for you or for your employees.