Do you run a personal business, private practice, or freelance job? In most cases, your will need a workspace for your clients to come to. But, finding a private office space for rent can be stressful, not to mention costly.

Flexible coworking spaces could provide you with an affordable solution. They are lease-free spaces that you pay for on a month-by-month basis, leading to less headaches and lower commitment.

Flexible Coworking Space for Beauticians and Cosmetologists

Starting out a beauty business is not easy. Whether you are a lash technician, stylist, or even message therapist, you will need a comfortable and clean space that your clients can come to for relaxation. However, if you are just starting out, you will need something with less commitment and lower costs, so you can stay in control of the growth and success of your business.

Flexible coworking spaces are located in ideal locations, such as the middle of booming shopping centers or within walking distance to restaurants, businesses, and bars. They are the perfect places to attract clientele while making them want to return again and again.

Practice Yoga in a Relaxed Setting

To start a yoga studio, you will be looking for an area where your clients can come to feel relaxed. Areas surrounded by nature are ideal for setting the mood for a great yoga session. There are plenty of places available, but none are as flexible as a coworking space.  

With a flexible coworking space like LocalWorks, you are in full control of your business. You can host classes at 5 a.m. or 9 p.m. Their office buildings provide you with 24×7 access in ideal destinations.

Office Spaces for Therapists and Social Workers

Therapists and social workers will want to be in locations that are convenient for their clients to travel to. Flexible office spaces are targeted in areas close to busy locations. They are surrounded by restaurants, shopping centers, downtown areas, or right off of a busy highway.

The biggest advantage to using a flexible office space as your therapy or social work office is that you can find a space based on your needs and budget. If your business begins to grow, you can switch to a new office space within a month. As an added bonus, flexible workspaces provide the same amenities as any other office space, included right in its price. That means furniture, utilities, and even cleaning services are already there ready for you to get going, so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

Are Flexible Office Spaces Shared?

Flexible office spaces work to fit your individual and business needs. That means, if you need a private space, there are private spaces available within each of their locations. This makes them great for freelancers, licensed beauticians starting their own business, and private practitioners. 

If you don’t need a lot of space to start out, you can choose a smaller office space. However, if your business grows, you have the opportunity to switch office spaces without the commitment. LocalWorks goes on a month-by-month basis, which encourages the growth of people who want to work for themselves.

Security is also provided, meaning anyone else using that building will not be able to just go right into your studio or office space without your control. Private offices are safely secured from the coworking spaces that the building may also provide. Yet, you are still around people if you need or desire to be.

As an additional bonus, parking is free, so your clients will not have a hard time getting to you.  

 Who Else Benefits from a Flexible Workspace?

Anyone just starting out a business, working on a personal business, or working with a limited amount of people can benefit from have a flexible space. Only to name a few, this includes:

  • Aestheticians
  • Accountants
  • Acupuncturists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Freelancers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Social Workers
  • Software Designers
  • Therapists
  • Yoga Teachers

Having freedom from long lease requirements gives your business financial security as it continues to grow.

LocalWorks offers flexible workspaces in the following states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois. They continue to grow and add new locations constantly, to provide space that suits anyone’s needs.