Cristina Pimentel has been running a content creation and brand development agency out of LocalWorks’ Everett Mills location. We recently spoke to her about her business and the future growth she envisions for her company. 

About The Fuschia Agency Files

The Fuschia Agency Files is a content creation and brand development agency aimed towards working with woman-owned small businesses. The company was founded by Cristina Pimentel, who has worked for trend-setting giants including WGSN, Latina Magazine, and InStyle.

Cristina’s agency has been around for five years and counting. The Fuschia Agency Files also offers size-inclusive clothing catered to help women build bold and effortless wardrobes.

Which Location Does The Fuschia Agency Files Use?

The Fuschia Agency Files is located at the Lawrence, Massachusetts office space. The company is run out of the newly renovated Everett Mills in downtown Lawrence. The 10,000 square foot location boasts 22 offices and is ideally surrounded by shopping, Tripoli Pizza, and Bali’s Dominican Restaurant.

Have They Always Used LocalWorks?

Before working in LocalWorks’ Everett Mills location, The Fuschia Agency Files was a homegrown business. Post-pandemic, Cristina decided to branch out from her home to find a flexible workspace that suited her needs for her growing agency.


Cristina previously ran The Fuschia Agency Files from her kitchen table. After the height of the pandemic, she needed a space that would allow her business to expand. LocalWorks provided the perfect space to do so.

LocalWorks offers ideal locations with offices that include all the amenities to get your business going, including tech, furniture, space that suits each member’s needs, cleaning, and more. The 24/7 access means that it offers the same flexibility as working from home.

What Works Well with LocalWorks

LocalWorks provides perfect spaces for budding businesses, or businesses looking to expand. When asked about the best benefits of using a LocalWorks location, Cristina mentioned, “The progressive energy in the space and the low-commitment model that it offers for a hybrid business like mine that’s in the early stages of expanding.”

No-lease, monthly payments are ideal for businesses that want to expand. With the uncertainties that come with internal business changes, flexible office spaces provide a perfect solution. If the business outgrows the office space in a month, they can move into a new one.

Low commitment makes it a great option for businesses that may need to move depending on where their clients/customers are. LocalWorks provides locations convenient to popular shopping areas and other nearby local attractions. 

How LocalWorks Helps Small Businesses

Small businesses like Cristina’s can find the perfect flexible office space within one of LocalWorks’ many locations. With spaces all over the country, like The Fuschia Agency Files’ space in Lawrence, MA, small businesses can remain local and work from highly populated areas surrounded by attractions.


LocalWorks has flexible office space plans where you pay on a subscription-style, month-by-month basis. There are no leases or down payments. This option is great for businesses whose finances don’t allow room for long-term commitments, and for small businesses to grow their company safely and confidently.



Cristina’s space in Lawrence, MA, as well as other LocalWorks office buildings, are conveniently located in highly populated areas, surrounded by malls, bars, gyms, restaurants, spas and more. Because of the number of locations LocalWorks offers, members have the ability to choose what is most convenient for them. Switching office spaces can be done after only a one-month commitment.

Future Growth for The Fuschia Agency Files

Cristina has big plans for the future of the Fuschia Agency Files.

LocalWorks’ Everett Mills space has provided Cristina with the insight on what she needs to invest in a space that she can develop into a content creation studio. Having a budget office space aides growing businesses like the Fuchia Agency Files in saving on expenses so that they can reinvest that money back into their business when needed.

The Fuschia Agency Files’ Working Relationship with LocalWorks

Cristina is happy using her office space in Everett Mills as a productive space where she can really get things done. It’s a great space for her to “create content for [her] products and grow the overall experience of [her] brand.”

Even her son likes the LocalWorks space, where he gets to “go to the office” with his mother. LocalWorks has the perfect flexibility and comfortability to allow Cristina to bring her son to work with her whenever she needs to. So, switching from working from home to working from an office didn’t take away her family life.

LocalWorks has provided the perfect steppingstones for small businesses to grow in a budget and commitment that feels stable.

Contact Information

The Fuschia Agency Files social media: @le_fuschia (Instagram)

To learn more about The Fuschia Agency Files and the services they offer, contact Cristina at [email protected] or visit their website.