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LocalWorks Featured Business: The Pretty Life (TPL)

We recently spoke to Cassandra Garcia, a person who took the leap last year to become an entrepreneur and business owner with the help of LocalWorks office locations. She is the owner of a successful business called The Pretty Life.

Cassandra uses a LocalWorks office space for her business endeavors and encourages others to do the same. LocalWorks provides flexible, inexpensive, and easily accessible workspace for all types of businesses and entrepreneurs.

About The Pretty Life

The Pretty Life (TPL) is an Esthetics Beauty Room that offers services such as pharmaceutical-grade facial treatments, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, and much more surrounding beauty, cosmetics, and personal care.

Cassandra has five years of experience and decided to become an entrepreneur at the end of the year 2021. Just like the beauty industry, The Pretty Life is ever-evolving and staying on top of the latest trends.

Which Location Does TPL Use?

The Pretty Life is located at the Beverly, Massachusetts office space. The address for her business is inside of the Cummings Center, Suite 109D  – office 6. She enjoys that the location is extremely accessible, seeing that it is close to all major highways and offers plenty of parking.

Have They Always Used LocalWorks?

The Pretty Life has not always partnered with the LocalWorks company, she was previously working outside of salon suites in North Beverly. The difference between her past and current location is that this is less costly, requires less commitment, and includes more amenities than a simple workspace.


Cassandra decided to make the switch to LocalWorks in the Beverly location due to affordability, flexibility, and the convenient positioning of the office. She understood this option was smart for a business like hers, just starting, because there is less commitment and lower costs for the beginning of her career journey. The location is ideal in these office spaces because they are put in popular and easily accessible areas for business owners and their clients.

What Works Well with LocalWorks

Cassandra explained that she enjoys working with LocalWorks because of the flexibility and opportunity to work with her schedule. LocalWorks offices are accessible 24/7, making it a convenient place to host a salon. Not only that, but she is also able to accommodate and transform her office to her own desire.

The offices are clean and attractive for businesses, providing amenities while leaving room for creativity that the business owners decide to work with. She has created a comfortable and unique space for her clients to visit when they receive their beauty services.

The Benefits of Using LocalWorks

The most important benefit of working with LocalWorks is the freedom that business owners can have. The aim is to work with your own individual business needs. Because Cassandra needed a private space, LocalWorks offered a space that she could call her own for her specific client needs, while providing all the resources to do so. This is an ideal option for freelancers, licensed beauticians starting their own business – such as herself – and private practitioners.


LocalWorks goes on a month-to-month basis, encouraging business owners to work with their schedules due to their individual business needs. For people who are just starting their business or working a personal business, a flexible workspace provides the best-suited option. Having the freedom to avoid long-term lease requirements gives businesses financial security as it continues to grow.  


Fortunately, the Beverly location, as well as other LocalWorks office buildings, are placed in convenient suburb areas for the members. As Cassandra described, her clients can visit and park effortlessly because of the strategically placed location.

Future Growth for The Pretty Life

As The Pretty Life business continues to grow, Cassandra hopes that in the future she will be able to expand her team. She would like to bring on other aesthetician professionals and aspiring business owners that share her career goals in the industry. She hopes to expand her company and help more clients achieve their cosmetic, beauty, and personal desires.


Cassandra is happy with her first-time business owner experience thus far because of the affordability, convenience, and freedom that LocalWorks offers to its members. She states that she will always recommend the LocalWorks locations for any and all independent business owners and workers.

Contact Information

Follow The Pretty Life on Instagram: @prettylife_esthetics

The best way to get in contact for an appointment is through email ([email protected]) or through the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a membership fee?

LocalWorks uses the term "membership fee" to refer to the fee that you pay in order to use the LocalWorks location and office. We do not use the term “rent” as there is no lease and members are not considered tenants.

What is included in the membership fee?

Your office space, wifi, utilities, and a desk/chair in your office is included.

How do I book a tour?

Choose your location on the website, select “Schedule a Tour” and choose a day and time that works best for you.

Do I need business insurance?

Yes. You should have business insurance to cover you in case of unforseen circumstances. Get insurance in minutes (and save 25%) here.

Will there be someone on the tour with me?

No, tours are self guided. You will have a LocalWorks concierge on the phone with you to answer any questions, help you select your office, and get signed up as a member. 

How will I be able to access the building on the self guided tour?

Once you arrive at the location for the tour, you will call the number in your confirmation email to receive a code to get in or approval to enter the building.

The office comes furnished, but am I allowed to bring my own furniture?

Upon request, you can remove our furniture and use your own.

Is there someone from LocalWorks on site daily?

Each location has an operations manager that will stop by weekly to make sure everything is running smoothly. We have a full support team available by phone, email or chat every day during business hours.

How will I be billed?

Your initial payment will consist of your first month's membership fee, security deposit, and setup fee. After that you will be charged on the first day of each month for that month's membership fee. You are required to keep a valid payment method on file, and late fees will accrue when payments fail. See our Terms for details.

How can I cancel my membership?

Simply email [email protected]. 30-day notice is required and you are responsible for your membership fee for the 30-day period following your notice.

Are conference rooms available to use?

Many of our locations have conference rooms. If available, conference rooms are booked using our members portal. Ask your LocalWorks sales representative if the location you are considering has a conference room.