Now more than ever, companies have begun to opt out of renting space in large offices buildings. But, that does not mean everyone is working from home.

According to Fortune/Deloitte’s January 2021 CEO Survey, more than one-third of their employees will continue to work from home even a year from now. In the same survey, 76% of CEOs said their organization needs less space moving forward.

LocalWorks provides inexpensive local workspace for people and businesses seeking for flexible opportunities to work remotely without working from home.

Why Companies Buy/Lease Office Buildings

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, companies would buy or lease office buildings in attractive locations to drive the interest of the best local workers. They would be close to nice downtown areas, bars, restaurants, or within convenient driving distance to such places.

Through a local workspace, companies can accomplish that same goal without spending as much money. Companies like LocalWorks forge relationships with major commercial property owners in desirable locations. More importantly, they are a fraction of the cost of leasing/buying an entire office building.


Since the pandemic began, companies have figured out how efficient working remotely can be. Now, they can save the costs of bringing every employee into their own building by instead offering a flexible workspace for important employee meetings or just a productive space to break up the working from home schedule.

Startups who may rely on working remotely to save costs will appear more professional when utilizing a local workspace solution. As an adding bonus, they won’t break the bank.

Larger companies and major corporations will also reduce costs by switching to an office space for rent or a local workspace. Many corporations have already determined a workspace solution that allows employees to work hybrid, meaning they work remote some days and come into the office on other days.

With flexible workspace solutions, large companies can also determine which employees need to come into the office, and which employees will work just as well remotely. That way, they can cut down on the amount of space they need per day.  


So, how is a local workspace different than an office space for rent? LocalWorks’ Lawrence, MA, location is right in Heritage Place near Merrimack River, surrounded by restaurants, pharmacies, and even an ice arena. The cost? As low as $250/month.

With LocalWorks, companies do not have to commit as much as they would with an office space for rent. It is an all-inclusive, no-lease workspace that even includes free onsite parking.

LocalWorks’ monthly memberships include office-essential amenities like unlimited Wi-Fi, printing, and 24×7 access.

Do Employees Want to Be in the Office?

While working from home can offer great benefits to your work/life balance, not all workers want to work from home all the time. Despite enjoying a remote work environment, 2 in 3 remote workers see the benefits of in-person interactions when trying to advance their careers.

Employees with children or employees who live in multi-family residences view flexible workspaces as an opportunity to escape distractions that they face at home. However, unlike going to a company office, flexible workspaces provide them with a bit more freedom to still work individually.

What Makes an Office Attractive to Employees?

Using a local workspace as opposed to an office space that was bought or leased can create a more relaxed, remote-work atmosphere for employees. For employees who want to leave their home more, it provides them with a sort of getaway that can be refreshing during the work week.

In addition, a local workspace hosts many businesses at the same time with the option to utilize open work areas. This can make employees feel less “stuck” at work and more like they are working from a public place.

It provides a similar feeling to the idea of working in a coffee shop. People work remotely in coffee shops to be surrounded by people or subtle noise. In the open work areas that LocalWorks provides within its buildings, people can be surrounded by like-minded and similarly hardworking employees in a more casual atmosphere than a company-owned office.

At LocalWorks, individuals and businesses have the essential amenities they need that they would have gotten from a company-provided office space. Startups are able to use tech and printers without putting all of their money into providing it for their own office space. That way, they can focus on growth.


LocalWorks offers flexible, inexpensive workspace solutions for both businesses and individuals who thrive in a productive atmosphere. At every office location, LocalWorks offers the following amenities:

  • Office space
  • Furniture
  • Internet/data
  • Tech
  • Utilities
  • Cleaning
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Food
  • Printers
  • Security

In addition to attractive amenities, LocalWorks has budget office space in desirable locations. In Gaithersburg, MD, our flexible office space is ideally located near Lakeforest Mall. In Beverly, MA, our flexible workspace is right in Cummings Center only 18 miles from Boston with easy access to fitness centers, restaurants, and scenic parks and trails.

LocalWorks works to provide amenities that office workers both need and want. Unlike rented or bought-out office spaces, LocalWorks’ commitment can be for as little as one month at a time.