Remote work is in higher demand than ever before. The pandemic forced companies large and small to adapt to an online workplace free from daily commutes, in-person interactions, and the need for expensive office buildings.

For most office workers, now that remote work has been proven to work, they no longer desire traveling to an office building for work. Remote work comes with a freedom to allow employees to work from anywhere they want, whether it’s at home, a coffee shop, or a flexible workspace.

The Pandemic Revealed The Safety of Choosing Where to Work

Back in early 2020, large corporate companies and small businesses alike were forced to send their employees home. For office jobs, corporations figured out way to continue with productivity.

Management systems had to be modified to accommodate new work routines that allowed company employees to communicate with each other without needing to meet in person. Video chat, cloud software, digital commerce, and home delivery services boomed during COVID times.

But for remote workers, the ability to work from home during the pandemic became more than just convenient. Remote work proved to be a safer environment for workers, who were safely unexposed to high-risk environments for COVID to spread.

Employees having to return to work or adjust to a hybrid workplace after working remotely for over a year can experience stress and anxiety about health risks outside of their home. In one Return to Workplace Report, 66% of respondents expressed concerns about their health and safety returning to work, with one-in-five being labeled as “extremely worried.”

The security of an employee being able to choose the environment that they conduct their work in reduces risks of stress and anxiety. Remote and hybrid workers have more control over balancing working from a healthy and safe home and working elsewhere, whether that is a flexible workspace or an office.

What About Remote-Working Parents?

While there are plenty of benefits of working remotely, such as choosing where to work and reducing commuting costs, there can also be downsides. For remote-working parents, the downsides come from having kids in the house while you are working. Children can be a distraction during the workday and even provide further stress as you have to balance work and family life at the same time.

For this reason, it’s best for remote workers to work away from home every once in a while. In flexible workspaces, you have the opportunity to work away from home without having to go into a formal office.

Flexible workspaces feel much more relaxed while also presenting themselves as a productive, modern office space. Research has shown that by the year 2030, up to 30% of commercial real estate will become flexible office spaces.

The Demand for Remote Work Is High

The pandemic showed just how capable the working world was of working remote. Ever since then, employees have taken charge of their careers in seek of remote work. It provides a better work-life balance. A bit more freedom reduces stress, leading to higher rates of productivity.

Remote jobs are receiving 300 percent more applications than in-person jobs.

The demand for remote jobs is only going to continue growing, especially now that businesses have figured out how to manage employees from afar. Both large corporate companies and small businesses can save money on large real estate buildings, while also providing an added benefit to their employees.

I Want to Work Remote, But I Don’t Have Space

What do you do if you want the freedom of remote work but don’t have enough space at home? That’s where flexible workspaces come into play. A flexible workspace provides you with the freedom of remote work outside of your home. 

If you live in a city, a studio apartment, or even a house filled with family members during the day, flexible workspaces provide you with enough space to get your work done. LocalWorks’ flexible office spaces are highly productive environments open 24/7

Even if you do have the space, remote work lets you choose where that space is. Imagine working minutes from downtown D.C. in an office space surrounded by beautiful, wooded trails to destress on before or after work. Or, you could work in a charming, renovated mill in New Hampshire

LocalWorks has plenty of options for flexible workspaces, so you can work elsewhere and save your home space for your life outside of work.