Flexible workspaces continue to spread in popularity with the number of workers across the United States now working remotely. Businesses are deciding that it is beneficial to allow their employees to work from home, saving them from spending money on bigger office spaces.

Working remotely does not mean you have to be stuck at home. In fact, it can actually improve your health to leave home and work somewhere else every once and a while. Flexible workspaces provide a great solution to remote workers and might even be a cost-effective solution for you.

Office Amenities Are Included

The cost of providing your own office amenities at home can quickly add up. A desk, keyboard, monitor, paper, printer/fax machine, and even the price of an office chair can stretch your budget.

Consider the price of a chair itself. You will likely want one with proper lumbar support considering you will be using it 40 hours per week. Purchasing a nice one could be triple the price of a cheap desk chair you buy online.

A flexible workplace allows you to enjoy all the amenities of going into a company-owned office. Prints, open workspaces, and private offices are all available. Most importantly, Internet is included, meaning you no longer have to worry about your spotty home Internet service preventing you from doing your job.

We are living in a digital age unlike any other, which means more and more jobs are beginning to require certain tech. As opposed to using extra tech as a luxury, it is now a necessity. Flexible workspaces offer things like extra monitors for your laptop, projectors, and printers to make your work life easier and allow you to focus more on the tasks at hand.

Less Responsibility

It’s easy to accumulate a mess in your home when you work there all day and live there all night. How much time do you spend cleaning your home each week?

With flexible workspaces, all you have to do is bring your laptop and additional work supplies, like specific work-related documents, each time you go. When you leave, the area is cleaned for you by the staff in the building. That’s one less room to vacuum, less windows to clean, and less tablespace to dust.

However, that does not mean that you should purposefully leave the flexible workspace a mess. After all, there are others working there alongside you. It takes a team effort to keep the place organized. Overall, it takes significantly less upkeep on your part than your home would.

A More Social Atmosphere

If you are outgoing, working from home may be too quiet for you. Especially if nobody else in your family is home at the same time. Flexible workspaces provide open coworking spaces where likeminded individuals can work in the same place. You are free to meet hardworking employees from all over who are working remote just like you.

If you are someone who enjoys their space, do not rule out a flexible workspace just yet. Every remote worker needs at least some socialization throughout the week. Small talk during the work week, which gets taken away by working from home, can actually boost happiness.

With flexible spaces, you have control over the amount of small talk you want to partake in during the day. A great way of making quick, casual conversation is through the common areas in a flexible workplace, or by grabbing a coffee or water, two of the many amenities at your disposal.

You Get to Work in an Attractive Location

An enticing location is a huge office perk that you miss out on when you work from home. Traveling outside of your home can become a refreshing way to break up your week. That’s not to say people want to commute every day of the week, which is why LocalWorks’ locations provide 24/7 access, so you can travel there during odd hours outside of rush hour traffic.

Each one of LocalWorks’ flexible workspaces is located conveniently in highly attractive areas with attractions and entertainment nearby. Remote workers who choose LocalWorks can find restaurants, gyms, salons, spas, convenience stores, or bars within walking distance.

You Can Escape a Busy Home

There are plenty of reasons a remote worker would want to escape from their busy home.

If you are a parent, working from a flexible workspace can prevent you from getting distracted, especially if you already have a nanny or babysitter watching your kids during the day. Working away from home can provide you with a healthier work environment and a bit more independence for a quick relief. 

People who lived in houses with several others can often find a flexible workspace to be a quieter atmosphere. Those who live in apartment buildings or loud areas will benefit from private office spaces to host meetings without your co-workers and boss hearing all the background noise at your home.