In 2022, LocalWorks partnered with property developer Manzo Freeman Development
(MFD) to open a flex-coworking-shared office space at The Landing at Everett Mills in
Lawrence Massachusetts following the developer’s acquisition of the building.

MFD sought to activate a 10,000 square foot first floor space in the mill building by
partnering with LocalWorks to rent serviced, single offices by the month. But beyond a goal
of simply filling 22 individual private offices, both companies had a goal of working together
to create a tenant funnel system.

“We knew the demographics of Lawrence were ripe with small business owners and
entrepreneurs and wanted to provide beautiful first class office space coupled with flexible
terms and cost effective rental rates. We aimed to nurture and support our local
entrepreneurs with the hopes they’ll flourish and later expand into a larger dedicated space
within our Landing Community.” said Joe Freeman, CEO, Manzo Freeman Development.

Instead of operating the flex space on their own, MFD partnered with LocalWorks, a Boston-
based flex space operator that works exclusively with building owners across the US. “We
know what a heavy lift the day-to-day operations and marketing are to be successful in this
industry. Our specialty is partnering directly with CRE ownership to help them launch and
operate a coworking program,” said Barry Greenfield, CEO of LocalWorks.

“In 2022-2023, multiple Local Works Tenants grew into larger commercial spaces within the
broader Landing Building. We have also been able to foster businesses needing smaller
space and flexible terms maintaining them within the Tenant community. The funnel
concept has been executed at a few of our commercial properties and proven very
successful to support businesses of all sizes and stages in their life cycle”, said Alex
Freeman, Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Manzo Freeman Development.

Additionally, each week the two partners share information about incoming leads. “Our
partnership is an ideal relationship for building owners. Leads are passed in both directions.
MFD can keep the smallest of tenants within the building by sending them our way for a
single office. Likewise we see requests for 1,000 square feet or more that we send to them
for a master lease. It’s a perfect mutually beneficial relationship.” said Greenfield.

To learn more about the MFD team and their multiple mill projects, please visit If you are interested in partnering with LocalWorks please reach out to
the team at, or [email protected]